Human Trafficking Indicators

For law enforcement

Recognize a victim

  • Signs of injury, fatigue, undernourishment; unkempt or provocative clothing

  • Acts intimidated or frightened of person they are with or driver in car

  • Lack of eye contact or eye contact with law enforcement

  • Unable to provide explanations or simple answers; unsure of current location

  • Does not have personal identification in possession

  • Refers to driver as “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” or other relation, with little detailed information about them

  • Tattoos or branding indicating possession

  • Living on the premises/inside the business or transported to work by employer or business

  • Unable to state their wages when asked; lack of paychecks or evidence of payments to employees

  • Does not speak English and/or appears unaware of surroundings

  • Employer abusive to employees (verbal or physical)

  • Surveillance cameras located in uncommon places of the business

A minor performing a commercial sex act is ALWAYS a victim of human trafficking.


Immediate Action

  • Secure evidence appropriately (phones, photos, IDs, money, drugs, etc.).

  • Separate all persons to avoid coached answers.

  • Ask detailed questions and look for conflicting information.

  • Ask for origins of tattoos and/or injuries.

  • Collect all phone numbers.

  • Detail all information from incident in field interview report to corroborate future investigations.

  • Contact federal and local law enforcement to report incident, especially if an arrest is made.

  • Recognize potential victims may resist or appear uncooperative because of fear or trauma.

The victim's safety is the #1 priority. Get victim to a safe location away from perpetrator and other suspects.



Your Department's Victim Services (if available)

Human Trafficking | UnBound Hotline: 254-230-0872

Prostitution | Jesus Said Love: 254-307-1575

Minor Sex Trafficking | Common Thread Hotline: 1-888-8THREAD

Confidential, 24/7, Multilingual | National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888

Sexual Assault | The Advocacy Center Hotline: 888-867-7233

Emergency Shelter | Family Abuse Center: 254-772-8999